Wogrammer Journalism Fellowship 2017
We are proud to announce Wogrammer’s first ever Journalism Fellowship Program. Read below to meet our recipients and finalists for the fellowship!
2017 Wogrammer Journalism Fellowship Recipients
Shreya Chaganti
Shreya is currently a Computer Science and Cognitive Science major at UC Berkeley, with a minor in Creative Writing. She grew up in Silicon Valley and was surrounded by engineers her whole life. She is so glad that wogrammer is highlighting success stories of women engineers, because she knows the effect that having successful role models to look up to and emulate can have. Shreya has a wide range of interests and is always trying to learn new skills, even if she is terrible at them. Things she holds in high esteem include brunch, good books, and Netflix. In her free time she can be found working on OliveBetter, a tea company she cofounded to help alleviate the effects of the Greek refugee crisis. She loves traveling and meeting new people and hopes that her future holds a lot more of both.
Rona Wang
Rona Wang is a rising sophomore at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, double-majoring in mathematics with computer science and writing. She is dedicated to giving voices to those who are often silenced. She has been nationally recognized for her work in developing computer science programs for low-income students. Her writing has been published in the L.A. Times and The Best Teen Writing. In her free time, she is a cat video connoisseur.
2017 Wogrammer Journalism Fellowship Finalist
Jessica Zhou
Jessica Zhou is a student journalist and computer science student at Washington State University, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. As an aspiring storyteller and wizard, she is fascinated by technology, stories, and communities. On her laptop, she probably has waaaay too many tabs open right now.