Wogrammer: Breaking Stereotypes, One Story at a Time

Wogrammer is on a mission to break stereotypes and inspire women and girls to pursue careers in STEM. Our stories profile diverse women, offering an authentic perspective while celebrating and acknowledging their accomplishments. We make an impact in through telling powerful stories, empowering women to tell their stories through our workshops and our Journalism Fellowship.

Sharing Powerful Stories

Each week we share an inspiring story of a woman in engineering who is doing amazing work. By focusing on her accomplishments and professional points of pride, we are building a positive narrative around what it means to be a woman in tech. The diverse women we profile are role models for girls and young women around the world, inspiring them to pursue and persist in STEM fields. Read and share one of our many stories on Medium.

Women’s Empowerment Workshops


After interviewing more than 200 women in engineering around the world, we noticed an unfortunate trend: even the most impressive women were reluctant to talk about their accomplishments for fear of sounding like they were bragging. Recognizing that many women struggle with imposter syndrome and self-promotion, we developed a unique workshop to empower women in tech to overcome their confidence gap. By providing them with strategies for telling their own stories in more effective and empowering ways, women leave our workshops with useful tools for professional advancement and for making the tech industry more inclusive.

Wogrammer has been invited by world-class tech companies and VC firms to present our workshop to the women in their community. Contact us to learn how our unique learning experience can empower women in your organization, school or community to create positive change.

Journalism Fellowship


Our Journalism Fellowship provides an opportunity for talented writers to use their skills to amplify the voices of women in engineering around the world. Help us in welcoming our Summer 2019 Fellows, Stephanie Nweke and Rina Schiller.

Thank you to all of the amazing people who applied for the most recent round. If you’re interested in applying for our Fall 2019 fellowship term, we will start accepting applications in September. Until then, we encourage you to stay connected with our community and get updates about exciting opportunities by signing up for our newsletter.