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Why we made Wogrammer

As software engineers, we get asked a lot about what it’s like to be a woman in tech. Are there any horror stories? Have we experienced sexism in school or at work? We would much rather be asked about our technical accomplishments and the technology we’ve built. We decided to take control and do something about it. And Wogrammer was born.

We interview our fellow women engineers and showcase the cutting-edge technology they’ve built. From the high school student teaching herself to code, to the CEO running her business, we’ve interviewed more than 200 engineers from Cape Town to Silicon Valley across numerous industries.

—Erin Summers & Zainab Ghadiyali, Co-Founders of Wogrammer


Our Mission

Wogrammer is on a mission to break stereotypes and inspire women and girls to pursue careers in STEM by showcasing real women, telling their stories, and celebrating their accomplishments. We believe stories have the power to inspire, connect and create a positive narrative about being a woman in the tech industry.

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Our Impact

Our work inspires millions of people around the world. Key milestones of our progress-to-date:

  • 6 Journalism Fellows

  • 200+ stories published to date

  • A new story published every week here and on our Medium Publication

  • Our stories reach 4 million people around the world

  • Help hundreds of women build confidence through our workshops and events hosted by top tech companies, VC firms and universities.

  • View and share our 2018 Impact Report

I always cite Wogrammer as the reason why I decided to go into tech! I really didn’t think about it before I saw the stories you posted, and now two years later I am a lead developer at a software company! This page is awesome!
— Wogrammer Community Member

Board of Directors


Erin Summers

Erin is a Senior Software Engineer and Virtual Reality Expert at Facebook. She currently leads Integrity for the Social Virtual Reality org to prevent abuse. She has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Berkeley and degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NC State.

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Zainab Ghadiyali

Zainab is a Product Lead at Airbnb where she leads one of the company’s key product infrastructure initiatives. She holds a B.Sc in Chemistry from Winthrop University in South Carolina, and a M.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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Michele Madansky

Michele Madansky Consulting


Nehal Mehta

Director Global Strategic Alliances at Genesys


Antonia Sequeira

Partner at Fenwick & West, IP Counsel

Our Team

Jessie Arora,  Executive Director

Jessie Arora, Executive Director

Erin Rector,  Program and Operations Manager

Erin Rector, Program and Operations Manager

Stephanie Shih,  Social Media Manager

Stephanie Shih, Social Media Manager

Janet Edstrom,  CFO

Janet Edstrom, CFO

Ashley Kelly,  Director of Finance

Ashley Kelly, Director of Finance

Julia Levin,  Development Strategy

Julia Levin, Development Strategy


Journalism Fellows

Adora Svitak , Winter 2019

Adora Svitak, Winter 2019

Hillary Fleenor , Winter 2019

Hillary Fleenor, Winter 2019

Jasmine Johnson , Fall 2018

Jasmine Johnson, Fall 2018

Shruti Kumar , Fall 2018

Shruti Kumar, Fall 2018

Kristen Shipley , Summer 2018

Kristen Shipley, Summer 2018

Regine DeGuzman , Summer 2018

Regine DeGuzman, Summer 2018

Shreya Chaganti , Fall 2017

Shreya Chaganti, Fall 2017

Rona Wang , Fall 2017

Rona Wang, Fall 2017

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